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Time Planner 2.2

New Year – new update with an optimization for new Adroid Oreo and 2 new languages!

Here is what was done for this version:

  • Now the app is in Italian, thanks to Una Di, and in Hindi!
  • Optimized for Android Oreo
  • Shortcuts for Android Oreo (long press on launcher)
  • Fixed compatibility issues

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The 12 archetypes of customers

We people like to categorize everything, as it helps us to organize the information we perceive. This way it is easier to remember it and to use it. We people like to categorize people as it makes it easier to understand others and ourselves — that’s why horoscopes, Hippocrates temperament types and Myers–Briggs type indicator were, are and will be so popular. Even though everyone thinks he/she is unique, still there are some peculiarities we may share,

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Time Planner 2.1

It’s been not a long time since the last update, but we present a new version – 2.1 available. We’re glad that we has finally coped with those tiresome bugs, thanks for your reports and suggestions!

There are some more nice improvements, namely:

  • Now the app is in Arabic and French, thanks to Tarek Shalaby, Vincent Delauney, Murielle Mélusine, Yohann Flavier!
  • Event types –

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Measure your leisure

Who said that only work tasks and health habits should be controlled and logged? There are much more other areas in your life, that might be not that obvious at the first sight, but they still are there and are important. Time Planner app will help you to reveal those things for yourself, and to remember what you planned for your free time. And as you know, sometimes our brains are so overloaded that in the moment when free time finally comes our mind goes idle,

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Good health helps wealth

Everyone knows that health is great thing to have as it allows us to work without laybacks and to do any activity without thinking it would kill us. And usually health is not valued until sickness comes. To prevent such unpleasant things we need to devote a little time and little effort, but regularly. So it’s more a question of self-discipline than of time trouble. So here Time Planner app is a great helper, as it allows you to remember and to keep track of useful health habits easily.

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Workflow you’d love

Modern extreme life speed drives us crazy, right? Feels like it would be good to have no need of sleep so we can use all 24 hours to have everything done in time. Everything should be completed immediately, and even better – by yesterday. So we feel very stressed, and sometimes we can’t even remember important dates, and that ruins other parts of our life like friendship or relationships. What are we usually advised to do in such case?

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Household stuff under control

Let’s say you’ve decided to get your household activities controlled, as you think it takes next to forever to cook every day, wash the dishes and do the laundry. You’ve read a bit about effective housekeeping, and even have tried to implement some new habits from Fly Lady or something, but after a while it is back at square one. It’s the perfect time to plan your chores effectively and find out how much time it really takes using Time Planner app!

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Time Planner 2.0 (Protostar)

Now We can finally announce the new release is ready for you! The developer has spent 626 hours 47 minutes of focused coding so you can enjoy the new major version, so please welcome – Time Planner v. 2.0 (Protostar)
Under the hood there are not only cool release naming but also those new features:

  • Now the app is in German, Turkish and Spanish, thanks to Leo Eckl,

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Time Planner 1.4

Hi there, productivity enchancers!

I’ve worked hard for this new update, and finally it’s ready! Thank you so much for all your useful & inspiring feedback that make me understand what you, my admired users, want and need! Without you it would be harder and not that fun. )

So here’s the list of new features, available in Time Planner 1.4:

  • Subtasks (see more about them in the video below)
  • Adding notes for tasks
  • Continuous task adding
  • Intent list in separated from activity parameters
  • Info block in activity parameters
  • Edit task option in “pin task”

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