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Everyone knows that health is great thing to have as it allows us to work without laybacks and to do any activity without thinking it would kill us. And usually health is not valued until sickness comes. To prevent such unpleasant things we need to devote a little time and little effort, but regularly. So it's more a question of self-discipline than of time trouble. So here Time Planner app is a great helper, as it allows you to remember and to keep track of useful health habits easily.

There are a few things needed to be done so you can have some useful health stats:

  1. Decide what healthy habits you need to have implemented and controlled.
  2. Embed those activities in your daily schedule.
  3. Set reminders in a way they are helpful.
  4. Track things done so you can have some stats afterwards.
  5. After some time analyze the statistics to see if the progress goes the way you want it.

Create activities

Let's say we go realistic and don't strive to have absolutely super-healthy lifestyle starting from tomorrow, so we start with 2 good habits we need most for now - drinking enough water and keeping a good posture. Good posture can be developed and kept using variety of exercises and tricks, but let us choose plank exercise as effective and time-saving way to do that. So we create 2 activities "Water" and "Plank" in Health category.

  1. Tap on purple float action button in Control tab and choose "Activity".
  2. Enter the name, choose its icon, icon color etc., and tap on "Save".

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Make your intentions vivid

So now we make our intentions literally seen in our schedule, creating "intents" for each one of them.

  1. Tap on the menu button right to the activity name, and choose "Intent list".
  2. Press "Add intent" in the drawer appeared.
  3. Set the new intent in a convenient way: choose "quantity" as intent type, enter "8" in "number" section (as we've decided to have 8 glasses of water daily).
  4. Now every time you drink a glass, tap on the bubble you see in Logging tab. There you see how many you have left for today.

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Remind yourself what's important

It's better to start doing something small today, than to plan something great for tomorrow, isn't it? So we are going to fight procrastination and forgetfulness with the set of reminders.

  1. Open the Intent list and find the intent you'd like to have reminder to (menu button right to activity's name in Control tab).
  2. Tap on it so you can see "Edit intent" dialog, and choose "Add reminder".
  3. Let's say we choose "fixed time" as reminder type, so it rings at 7:05 daily, and tap "Save" on both reminder and intent editing dialogs.
  4. When you see it's time, do it! But if right now you're unable to get on the floor, you can postpone the alarm, and it will ring after some time (the way you've set in in Settings -> Reminder).

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Also, lets say you've decided to develop a better posture with straightening your back from time to time, as you find yourself slouching too often. There's no need to create a separate activity for that, you can just create a separate reminder instead.

  1. Tap on purple float action button in Control tab and choose "Reminder".
  2. Set the new reminder so it fits your needs: choose "random" for its type, choose the time range and approximate amount of times it should trigger, etc.
  3. This reminder will trigger at unexpected time, so you would have to check your posture wherever you are, and fix it if needed! Note that you can find it and edit it in Schedule tab in Reminders mode (just tap on it or use menu button on its panel).

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Log the time spent for unexpected things

Assume you have a certan activity started unexpectedly, or just want to log the time without planning it. In those cases use "Quick logging" option:

  1. Choose "Quick logging" item after you've tapped on purple button in Logging tab.
  2. Tap on the bubble once you've started (let's say you do plank exercise), and tap on it again once you're done. In this dialog you can also adjust where your logged time should go (to goal or to ritual, or to another activity).
  3. Note that you can minimize this dialog, and have it being logged right in Logging tab.

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Statistics is your best habit trainer

After some time of logging you can review your statistics to understand if you do what you decided to. Most probabaly, what you see will inspire you either to keep going and to start developing new habits, or to be more disciplined in doing what you intend to do. Your own results are the thing that motivates in the most reliable way, as you don't need anybody else's experience/opinion to keep yourself on track.

  1. In Ratio top tab (in Statistics tab) press purple wrench button on the left, to open the settings drawer so you can adjust the stats you'd like to look through. Note you need to press "Apply".
  2. Put the drawer back and review the bar chart of intended and logged time. Long press on a bar to see some info about it. As we can see, there was a busy day we could not drink enough, and the next day we tried to catch up on it, but in general we did a good job those days!

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So what?

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Buddha once said: "To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."

We really hope you stay as healthy as possible as long as possible, to live a wonderful life full with things that you love! It's good not only for you and your family, but for us as well, as we'd like to live in a world of happy healthy people. )

Please let us know how the app helps you to implement new healthy habits, we will really appreciate it!