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Who said that only work tasks and health habits should be controlled and logged? There are much more other areas in your life, that might be not that obvious at the first sight, but they still are there and are important. Time Planner app will help you to reveal those things for yourself, and to remember what you planned for your free time. And as you know, sometimes our brains are so overloaded that in the moment when free time finally comes our mind goes idle, and we just waste those precious minutes (useless web surfing, phone calls, clicker games) that we might have spent with joy. We need to win back this time for the things we love!

There are just a few steps to revitalize yourself as all-round man (or woman):

  1. Remember the things you like and what are important for you, write them down as separate activities.
  2. Estimate when you're going to devote some time for each of them.
  3. Make sure you start doing what you like when you've planned, even if you're so busy that you have only 5 minutes.
  4. Track the time you spent for each of the activities that inbreathes.
  5. Analyze the statistics to see how versatile you are.

Create activities and tasks

Alright, let's take a few minutes to remember and to create activities that makes us a happy person. If nothing comes to your mind right after, ask yourself:

  • What did I like to do when I was a child (a student / a young specialist)?
  • What would I do if I would not have to take care of my education / money / kids / etc.?

Don't consider those things stupid or childish, as it doesn't matter what they are as long as they charge you up. Write them down anyway:

  1. Tap on purple float action button in Control tab and choose "Activity".
  2. Enter the name, choose its icon, icon color etc. and tap on "Save".

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Note that you can add some tasks about materials, places or other stuff you need for this activity. For instance, it's a good idea to create the list of books you want to read.

  1. Press purple float action button in Control tab and choose "Task".
  2. Type the name of a task, and adjust it the way you like. Remember to pin it to the corresponding activity.
  3. Use priority marks and levels of offset for tasks so the task list is easy to navigate. Touch and hold the task, and move it slightly to the right so it changes its offset - it becomes a subtask.

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Schedule the time for things that light you up

Scientists claim that it doesn't take that much to become a happier person. Despite healthy habits and good relationships, it takes spending time for your hobby regularly. So if you have them embedded in your daily schedule, it increases the chances you'll actually do something inspirational.

  1. Go to "Part of day" in Schedule tab and long press on the right part of the schedule where you see sun/moon icons.
  2. Adjust the new intent the way you need it and tap on "Save".
  • You can use "Timeline mode" mode as well, as described in another article.

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Log everything about it

Sometimes it's a good idea to have no expectations regarding something but just to enjoy the process and the result. It's very true about our hobbies - it's not the thing where race of productivity is on the first place. But still, it's nice to have some pleasant things as the result, as beautiful pictures (if photography is what you love), or a cozy pullover (if knitting is what makes you a zen person), or a huge fish (if you're fond of fishing). So here's how you can have your results logged:

  1. Tap on a float action button on the bottom left in Logging tab, and choose "Manual logging".
  2. Choose the right activity, "value" as its measure type (there is "value" intent type as well), enter the value (let's say you've caught 12.5 kg fish, yoohoo!), and make sure the rest of items are the way you want them.

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Rely on memories and stats

After some nice time spent doing things you love we get inspiration and memories. But we can get some practical statistics information as well! And as we can log both time and quantity (and values), we can get various statistics about same activity. For instance, we've decided to devote 20 minutes for reading 3 times a week, plus to read 12 books in 2017. So now December comes, and we'd like to check how well we do with our plans for reading.

  1. Go to Ratio top tab (in Statistics tab) press purple wrench button on the left, to open the settings drawer so you can adjust the stats you'd like to look through. Note you need to press "Apply".
  2. Put the drawer back and review the bar chart of intended and logged time.
  3. Then open the drawer again and adjust in another way so you can see the quantity. Note that you can long press on a bar to see some info about it.

So as for our example, we see that we don't read that fast as we've expected (maybe we need to think about speed reading training), and we have to read not one but two books this month so we can have our year commitment fulfilled.
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So what?

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Happy people live their life they want to, while they don't need to hurt others or to prove anything to anyone. It would be great to live in a happy world full of happy people, wouldn't it? And we can make one step to it, making yourself happier, and happier you can make your family, your friends and even your cat happier! So don't think your hobby is just a waste of time, and don't postpone the things you love to your retirement, or to any other "then" time. As they don't only charge you up, but eventually makes the world a better place!

Please let us know how the app helps you to make the time for the activities that make you happy!