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Developer's "to-implement list"

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    Here is the app’s actual “to-implement” list – everything that I am going to carry out for “Time Planner”.
    If you have any specific suggestions – feel free to share them!

    + import events from Google calendar
    + pomodoro timer
    + in-app tutorial
    + widget for intents
    + widget for tasks
    + attach multiple tasks to an intent
    + custom filters in Schedule
    + end date for ritual
    + possibility to adjust a ritual for one specific day only
    + stats regarding the ratio of planned tasks to completed ones
    + task list in “Schedule”
    + monitor reminder (for long-term control of logged time/values)
    + “anyday” intent, in a certain period of time. For example, 1 hour per week of jogging that you may acomplish any day
    + intent for more than one day
    + export statistics
    + export intents
    + week schedule
    + general list with all entries, where you can search for tasks & intents, and apply filters

    We’re thinking about the necessity of those features:
    * scenarios – a special set of intents for a special day, like “Holiday” or “Day off”
    * motivation system
    * notes for intents
    * sunrise and sunset time on the timeline
    * pin maps to intent. And the view of all points on the map where intents occure
    * tag system, tag search
    * 3 levels of subcategories
    * filters for “Control tab”
    * copy intent
    * log with detailed entries of activity start time & end time. With ability to add note for such entries
    * “money measure” for the intent

    You can look through this topic to see what is done.

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    rituals/intents with the value intent chosen – the activity would disappear from the logging screen when complete. For example, I want to accomplish 1, so when I do it, I wish that it would clean space for the other activities. Now, it just keeps ‘waiting’ in the logging screen for additional values, and does not disappear automatically as time-value intents. Idea from Łukasz Krokoszyński



    Add Search Option to find Tasks and activities.

    Idea via email from Juan Romero

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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