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Version 2.0 (Protostar):

  • Now the app is in German, Turkish and Spanish, thanks to Leo Eckl, Yvonne Hubertus, Seçil TOPAK, Miguel Cupil!
  • Month schedule first introduced
  • Moon calendar in month schedule
  • New type of schedule – with parts of a day, for flexible planning
  • Bottom navigation bar and major UI redesign
  • Scale in Control tab
  • Search of activity in “pin activity” dialog
  • “Complete” option for bubbles
  • Intents now have measures: time range, time value or simple intent
  • Automatic “uncompliting” the task for rituals
  • New reminder type – fixed
  • Extra reminder type – when activity runs out
  • “Stop alarm after” option
  • Alarm postponement option
  • Yearly statistics
  • SD-card backup is available for free version
  • +166 new icons
  • Bugs fixed

Added for the Pro version:

  • Widget with action grid
  • Start and end hour setting for day schedule
  • Quick logging dialog can be minimized
  • Countdown option for quick logging
  • Sort intents option
  • Extra measures for intent: quantity and value
  • Extra reminder types: elapsing, intervallic and random
  • Custom alarm sound
  • Alarm volume gradual increase
  • New captcha type – join points
  • Manual logging and resetting from Statistics tab