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Version 1.4 (Molecular cloud):

  • Subtasks
  • Adding notes for tasks
  • Continuous task adding
  • Intent list in separated from activity parameters
  • Info block in activity parameters
  • Edit task option in “pin task” dialog
  • Pin/unpin existing intent to task
  • Manual setting of the start day of week
  • Group moving of the intents (see Settings > Schedule)
  • Show activity name in Schedule (see Settings > Schedule)
  • Option to name the intent
  • UI elements redesign
  • Bugs fixed
  • 7-day free trial
  • Added for the Pro version:

  • Choose icons from your file system (best size is 144*144)
  • Archiving activities
  • 3 nesting levels of subtasks
  • Export tasks in html format
  • New captcha – “Find activity icon”