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Workflow you’d love

Modern extreme life speed drives us crazy, right? Feels like it would be good to have no need of sleep so we can use all 24 hours to have everything done in time. Everything should be completed immediately, and even better – by yesterday. So we feel very stressed, and sometimes we can’t even remember important dates, and that ruins other parts of our life like friendship or relationships. What are we usually advised to do in such case?

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Household stuff under control

Let’s say you’ve decided to get your household activities controlled, as you think it takes next to forever to cook every day, wash the dishes and do the laundry. You’ve read a bit about effective housekeeping, and even have tried to implement some new habits from Fly Lady or something, but after a while it is back at square one. It’s the perfect time to plan your chores effectively and find out how much time it really takes using Time Planner app!

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