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Time Planner 2.2

New Year – new update with an optimization for new Adroid Oreo and 2 new languages!

Here is what was done for this version:

  • Now the app is in Italian, thanks to Una Di, and in Hindi!
  • Optimized for Android Oreo
  • Shortcuts for Android Oreo (long press on launcher)
  • Fixed compatibility issues

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Time Planner 2.1

It’s been not a long time since the last update, but we present a new version – 2.1 available. We’re glad that we has finally coped with those tiresome bugs, thanks for your reports and suggestions!

There are some more nice improvements, namely:

  • Now the app is in Arabic and French, thanks to Tarek Shalaby, Vincent Delauney, Murielle Mélusine, Yohann Flavier!
  • Event types –

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Time Planner 2.0 (Protostar)

Now We can finally announce the new release is ready for you! The developer has spent 626 hours 47 minutes of focused coding so you can enjoy the new major version, so please welcome – Time Planner v. 2.0 (Protostar)
Under the hood there are not only cool release naming but also those new features:

  • Now the app is in German, Turkish and Spanish, thanks to Leo Eckl,

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Time Planner 1.4

Hi there, productivity enchancers!

I’ve worked hard for this new update, and finally it’s ready! Thank you so much for all your useful & inspiring feedback that make me understand what you, my admired users, want and need! Without you it would be harder and not that fun. )

So here’s the list of new features, available in Time Planner 1.4:

  • Subtasks (see more about them in the video below)
  • Adding notes for tasks
  • Continuous task adding
  • Intent list in separated from activity parameters
  • Info block in activity parameters
  • Edit task option in “pin task”

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Time Planner 1.3

Hello fellow productivity enhancers!

Today we have the new update with new useful features ready for you! Here’s what we’ve got:

  • Tasks in Schedule are displayed if only the font fits the intent “height”
  • Adding tasks from “pin task” dialog
  • Displaying completed tasks in “pin task” dialog
  • Setting default values for manual logging
  • Activity name in bubbles display option
  • Choosing LED color (in Settings tab)
  • Bubbles are shown even if they don’t have intended time,

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Time Planner 1.2

Hello dear members!

Are you back in track after Christmas and New Year holidays? We are, with the new update! Here are the things we’ve implemented for you:

  • Now the app is in Polish and Portuguese, thanks for Robert Wąsik and Nathalia Bonato!
  • Discount for collaboration (Features tab, top right menu button)
  • Reminder and sound switches in main menu
  • Top section in main menu is collapsible
  • Popup menu of activity in Logging tab (long press on “bubble”)
  • Reset logged time of activity in Logging tab (activity popup menu)
  • Support of AM/PM time format
  • Auto-scroll to current time in “Schedule”

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Time Planner 1.1

Hello fellow productivity enhancers!

Now we have Time Planner a bit better, meet version 1.1, that has
* zoom in and out option in Logging tab with pinch gesture;
* bugs fixed.

Check it out!

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Time Planner 1.0

So that’s the moment when the result of a year of my work – “Time Planner” application – now is available to everyone!

Download it from Google Market and increase your productivity starting from today!

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