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About us

Oleksandr Albul

I am the creator, designer, and developer of Time Planner app.

I was always wondering, why I never managed to do 100% of everything I planned, and why I dropped some good habit that I had managed to develop.

Once I decided to get serious about planning, as time is the invaluable resource, I tried different methods and apps. But didn’t find something that fitted me well. So I challenged myself to develop the perfect app for myself, and here’s the result. Though I have a huge “to-implement-list”, and users all over the world keep contributing to it )

Anyway even now this app helped me a lot: my graph of “correlation between expectations and reality” is going more realistic. And my goal for this app is to help a few million of people improving their quality of life with the efficient planning and implementation. I believe together with you all, it will come true one day!


Nadia Albul

I am Oleksandr’s wife, and his “right hand” in charge of user support on Google Play, forum and social media, as well as videos. I write all the texts you see in and about the app, and also do the translation to Russian and Ukrainian. Also we are discussing the app’s design and UI during (and sometimes instead of) our evening tea.

I’m more “chaotic” person than Oleksandr is, and find it hard to track all my activities because of multitasking, but I find this app useful as well because of subtasks and reminders. It really helps to have everything in one place!


We will be happy to find out how Time Planner helps you, so please don’t hesitate to write on our forum or social media!